Animal Aware

Quality international products promoting health, safety & animal welfare technology
Training Workshops Offered:
  • Companion Animal, Husbandry & Management on Canine and Feline animals
  • Health and Hygiene, Basic Breed Identification
  • Production Animal Handling, Husbandry & Management
  • Advanced Animal Handling , Husbandry & Management on Canine and Feline animals
  • Practical usage & Maintenance  of restraint and holding equipment
  • Canine and Feline Bite and Scratch Avoidance
  • Adoptions Considerations & Strategies
  • Family Adoption Intergration of Companion Animals
  • Recognition, Management and Reduction of Kennel Stress
  • Animal Assisted Activities
  • Behavioural  Modification for shelter animals
  • Behavioural  Assesment for Companion Animals for Rehoming Purposes
  • Dog and Cat Speak - Non verbal communication techniques
  • Establishment of Feline (TNR) Trap-Neuter-Release Programmes 
  • Humane Education and Skills
  • Respect for animals:  We are all sentient beings that  are entitled to respect

Animal Aware does behavioural assessments, evaluation and modifications are available for canine and feline companion animals.

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