Specialized Catch Net


The Catch Net is specially designed for catching small-medium sized animals such as cats, small dogs as well as larger birds like geese. It is extremely strong, lightweight and easy to manipulate. The kite-shape design allows for easy maneuvering into corners. A great feature of this net which prevents the animal escaping is its ability to be drawn closed once the animal has been captured, by means of the sliding hand mechanism on the steel tubular handlet. The net is very strong fine mesh, does not stretch and can be easily replaced. Two heavy duty hand grips ensure firm control over the net and animal. The retracting net allows for easy storage in vehicles and minimizes net damage. One of the best animal nets available internationally for catching wildlife and domestic animals.

  • Length fully extended 220cm
  • Length handle 150cm
  • Net 70cm deep
  • Net 40cm across at widest point
  • Net length from handle 70cm 

Replacement nets available.

 240x120net   240x120net2  


Small Animal Net

The Small Animal Net is ideal for small mammals, reptiles, birds and large fish. This compact animal net has a net opening of 40x29cm and a 60cm detatcheable strong aluminium handle. A soft but strong 65cm deep net make this net great for the humane capture of small animals. One metre long.

Replacement nets available.


Avairy net

We have a variety of nets available. We also make nets to client specification and needs.