Professional Safety Muzzle

The Professional Safety Muzzle is a strong plastic moulded muzzle ideal for preventing injury when handling difficult dogs. The Professional Safety Muzzle is very quick and easy to fit and can be autoclaved or disinfected. Well ventilated and comfortable for the animal. A perfect muzzle for veterinarians, dog groomers and general dog handling. Available in Small, Large and Brachycephalic (Short Nose) sizes with adjustable strap to fit most breeds and sizes of dogs.


 muzzle2  muzzle1  muzzle3

Professional Heavy Duty Protection Muzzle 

Plastic and leather construction. Law enforcement K9 styling.

T-bar over the forehead to prevent pulling over the ears. Padding around muzzle contact area.

Available in  Medium, Large and X-Large.

Also available without T-bar

T-bar Muzzle

Leather Muzzle