Field Stretchers

Field Stretchers are built for strength and animal comfort. Multiple 50mm under slung webbing straps and handles take the full weight of the animal with each strap boasting a two-ton breaking strain. The rugged 800 gsm PVC tarpaulin stretcher provides extra support for the animal and is fully washable. End support handles are provided on the medium and large Field Stretchers to support the animal’s head and extremities. All side handles are strategically positioned to maximize the effectiveness of the available handlers. Field Stretchers are lightweight and can be folded compactly for easy storage and transportation. Stretchers are available in dark green with black webbing. Customized stretcher sizes can be made.

Field Stretchers are ideal for use in animal facilities such as zoos and animal hospitals. Their use to veterinarians, animal welfare officers, fire and rescue services and rehabilitation centres is invaluable.

 Product Code  Product Specifications (sizes approximate)
 AHFSM 1  Medium 140x90cm four handles per side and two handles at each end

 Large 180x130cm six handles per side with two handles at each end

 AHFSXL 1  X Large 200x130cm six handles per side with two handles at each end