Miscellaneous Products

Animal Handling Support Systems Mammel Carriers come in three diffrent sizes.
Not only is this product light and fuctionable it foldable aswell.
There is a opening at the top where you can sooth your pet or even insert food or water.
There is also a small storage for travel documents.

AHFTC S Small Mammel Carrier Plastic 48x29x28cm
AHFTC M Medium Mammel Carrier Plastic 56x36.5x33cm
AHFTC L Large Mammel Carrier Plastic 62x39x38cm

This is our Medium Pet Carrier

Fly Cosy Kennels

These kennels are locally made. Highly durable.
They come it two diffrent sizes

AHSK-L FlyCosy Kennel (H-62xL92xW58)
AHSK-XL FlyCosy Kennel (H-80xL111,5xW66,9)


Break Stick

Designed to be used by animal handling professionals, the stick is inserted into the mouth of a dog (behind the molars) to facilitate the release of its grip. Crafted from ABS hard plastic. Essential kit for dog handling professionals. Nylon wrist band. One of the quickest and safest ways to break up a dog fight, handlers should remain calm, quiet and straddle the dog that has the greatest grip. Holding the dog’s collar with one hand and the break stick in the other, the handler should lock their legs around the dog’s hips just in front of the hindquarters. Gently insert the break stick in the opening behind the dog’s molar teeth (only inserting about 1 inch) and twist. This action will result in the dog attempting to readjust its grip, biting on to the break stick and releasing its original grip. In this instant, pull the dog away immediately. Also known as a bite stick, this is an essential piece of kit for anyone working with dangerous dogs. Dimensions: Length 24cm x width 4cm x 1 cm.